This little piggy ran all the way home... weeeeeeee!!!

>> Aug 10, 2009

With a TON of stuff.. CKU was such a blast and I met the coolest people. I will keep this short just a quick note to say I'm home and am enjoying sorting. I have so much stuff i got from raffles and prizes and kits and classes that I know I wont use soon. So I'll be giving it away. My new philosophy if I don't see myself using it soon, I don't keep it. Let me tell you when you see the pile of stuff I'm giving away.. remember there's another bigger pile of stuff I'm keeping! Crazy!

So much to do today I'll try to catch up with everyone later this afternoon. Have to get house & home ready my kids all return to the nest tomorrow yahoo!!!

Erin this is for you :)


Celia August 10, 2009  

Those boys look great... still!!

Anonymous,  April 03, 2010  

so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

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