Savory Sundays

>> Aug 9, 2009

I love the idea of sunday dinners. Going to your parents or such for dinner is such a great bonding. We used to get together often back in Michigan just to have dinner together, watch a football game or NASCAR race. Now we don't as much. We do for other things, but those events lack the lazy feel of a sunday gathering.

Now our sundays tend to be wind down times. I try to make sunday dinners and avoid take-out. If we do end up with take-out it will tend to be a restaurant as opposed to fast food. It also usually tends to be a family style meal rather than everyone having an individual meal.

I love the topics and conversation. Often it will lead into what we'll watch later. Movies and popcorn are the dessert course for sunday dinners.

My favorite sunday dinner meal is when I pull out the big guns. I'm talking a spiral cut honey ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and some warm dinner rolls. That's my favorite menu.

And even in the 100 degree heat, just talking about it means it will be on the menu this week.


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