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>> Aug 10, 2009

hmm... Michelle has us pondering wishes.. now do I go with the sentiment and wish for happy children who know and accept that I love them more than I love myself, that Tony knows how much he means to me.. or that I could have one more day with my mother? Do I got with a bucket list on things I wish to do before I leave this world? No.. here's my list of wishes..

1. A BFF who I could call at 2AM just because I'm bored. One that lives close and our DH's wouldn't think twice if we had sleepovers in our mid-30s to give each other pedi-cures and watch chick flicks all night.
2. A personal assistant for a week. One that would let me give them tasks from filing personal paperwork to sweeping the garage. So I could finish all these half finished projects I have.
3. A great body. Yes I said it.. if I had a wish I'd ask for my perky boobs back, and the bubble cute butt of my youth. The thighs that are buried under layers of "baby weight" and midnight doritos. Yes, I love myself as I am and I'm ok with getting to the healthy weight the "right" way with diet and exercise. But it's slow going and if I could wish it away you bet my post-baby bump I'd do it.


askings August 10, 2009  

Thats it...I'm moving to Las Vegas...really need a pedicure...oh and a best friend would be nice too! j/k I could go for all the above! I love your wish list...I think we should call it the Mothers of 00's Wishlist...maybe market it as a package or would be a big hit!

scrapweaver August 10, 2009  

Oh Tammi, wonderful list. I'd sign up for the BFF part! That would just be the best!
Love it!

Celia August 10, 2009  

Tami- move to NYC!
It sounds like you need to get away again and have heaps more time for you.

Katrina August 15, 2009  

LOL! I love this post and would love all three of those things as well!!

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