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>> Aug 11, 2009

Not Intended for Children Overly Analytical

I often joke of wanting to stay in bed for a week. However, after the drive home sunday, half of which was without radio (Audio Express will be getting a visit from me), I realize it would be impossible for me to do this for longer than an hour without distraction. I'd need a television or book. Even with those distractions, I would bet my life savings and all of my children I couldn't make it past half a day. I think too much. I know why I do it, it's a coping mechanism for me. I over think to prepare myself for every situation. So I think about a chore system I want to put into place and will look at it from every angle, from every child's view point. I think of talking to someone about something that's bothering me so I imagine how the conversation will go roughly a million times. I think of how I will respond to things I think that person will say.

Most often, I do this when it's a situation of conflict. It's quite the definition of insanity if you ask me. But in my head it makes sense. I am trying to prepare myself for the situation. Though I also tell myself that people who can honestly answer "Nothing" when asked what they are thinking are certifiably insane.


Celia August 11, 2009  

Gosh Tami you are our techie guru combining two weeks techie challenges!

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