I'm not a doctor.. nor do I play one on TV

>> Jul 22, 2009

Ok you will not believe the progress I've made in my cleaning endeavors.. but by looking at things they look worse. Why is that? I decided to do another "overhaul" and pulled a lot out of the crevices and cracks of the netherworld.. so it's all mid-room. I also decided on a less is more approach with organizing so I have a bunch of those Making Memories desktop organizer things .. if anyone is interested send me a email/PM whatever, you'll get them cheap. I should have known better than to get them to begin with.. They are these things:

They just didn't work for what I was doing. I am becoming a habitual reorganizer. My mom used to say that people reorganize out of boredom with their life. (She being the person who reorganized and rearranged furniture more than anyone I have ever known) I'm beginning to wonder if (here's the doctory analysis) if it's more a control issue? I mean there's an entire element of not honestly knowing an organization system isn't going to work for me until 3 mos into it and I realize I'm in the same boat I was before this new system.. but more than that there is something therapeutic to me in putting all of my "stuff" in an ordered system. Since life is essentually not going to go where I put it or stay in any system perhaps I'm regaining a sense of control (an illusion I'll agree) So is that way too deep for a wednesday? I agree. I'll leave it in regardless of how melodramatic it may sound ;)

Fear not, I am in a fine mood. I am still loving life and enjoying it. All of the nonsense above about control has to do more with Tony's job and the adventures of parenting ever changing personalities.


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