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>> Jul 18, 2009

I'm in such a great mood today.. I am sure it has nothing to do with being down to just one child... (he he) No seriously I got up early and my father in law picked up Zach for a day with Pop Pop.. Zach was on cloud nine. I love the high pitched squeal when he's trying to tell you something and is so excited. "I'm going with Pop pop to look for poop on the ground!!!"

Yes you read that right. Apparently last time on their outing they roamed Red Rock Canyon. Pop pop told Zach to watch for poop on the ground. Pop pop didn't want it on a shoe, then in his truck. Zach however thought that was the event. He was so funny when he came home last night explaining to Dad that animals "just poop right on the ground" He seemed so aghast at the idea.

Today they were going to clean the camper, can't wait to hear what new discoveries are made.

Kyle is off to Uncle Brads to help lay sod down. Uncle Brad has moved to a new bigger house. I love the excitement of a new house. Anyone that saw my comment before about house hunting.. it's not the moving that bothers me. I don't mind boxing up and moving into a new place. Blame my very early childhood but I always enjoyed moving to a new place. It's the finding the place as an adult, thinking about signing on for payments for such a long period of time. Looking for something that you like, and DH likes.. do the kids have to switch schools? Knowing that "fixer-uppers" don't get fixed up.. that is all the stuff that gets on my nerves. And more but I'll leave it at that.

So it's just me & Keagan hanging out. We played train, I threw him on the couch a few hundred times in a game of airplane. He's at such a fun age and doing such stinking cute things. He is in the phase where he mimicks others, in mannerisms or trying to copy some words (we are getting a few more sounds that resemble words). The other day he was following Zach around and doing exactly everything Zach did. It was a fun follow the leader game, even if Zach wasn't intentionally participating. The funniest moment was when all the boys were playing army in the backyard with nerf guns.. Kyle & Zach were soldiers.. Zach kept yelling "What's the mission captain?" at Kyle and Keagan was standing behind Zach behind the post peeking around the corner looking for the enemy.. It made me chuckle because he was looking so serious trying to get a good view of the bad guys. They would have done well defending the backyard except Keagan had his little nerf gun backwards. So he if he was capable of pulling the trigger he would have shot himself.

My break is over.. back to cleaning up. I intend to be entirely covered with spray ink, ATG adhesive and scraps of paper by tomorrow evening. I have my list of crafty to-dos that I'm going to do tomorrow :) ALL day ... hehe


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