Breathing it all in..

>> May 27, 2009

Some moments require a silent appreciation.. others you have to just tell the world. This is the latter. I am feeling overwhelmingly blessed right now. (That's probably not a word but I'll use it anyway)

I have enough to complain about with DH's paycheck being messed with at work, and my kids and their chores .. and this bad insomnia.. but at this moment all I can think of is how cool my life is. I know at times people say things that may come across as a "selling" or maybe over the top so it hints of being exaggerated but I want to say what I am about to go on about is honest and heartfelt.

I have some of the greatest friends and online buddies in the world. Truly. I had my first online adventure in college. I joined this telnet chat group and was befriended by many.. it was then that I realized the power of the internet. My roommate Neala can attest to the sleepless nights I spent giggling in the computer lab with friends. I have made friends here and there.. I have two friends I made from the internet when I began my life as a single mom.. shout out to Terri & Cindy. I look at my life now and am a part of Get It Scrapped and the groups of ladies there are beyond anything I could hope for in friends. I have never come across a group where everyone is nice to everyone. The teachers there are remarkable they have classes archived that are ages ago and you can still access and download and the teachers still look for students there and answer questions.. teachers who go beyond just teaching and become counselors .. project girls who share how to do things on their blogs so others can pretend they are talented martha stewart types. I just feel lucky.

Why is this hitting me? I guess just the recent weeks with missing my mom and the Mother May I benefit event being such a success. Then surgery, and then a decision Tony and I made to start a home based business I've long dreamed of doing. (an online scrapbook store & kit club) I shared this with a friend who is a kit club owner and immediately was given a virtual hug and congratulations. It was awesome to receive that support. I also decided against a design team call right away because I wanted to get a month 'under my belt' so I asked a GIS friend who was on board immediately. I am so excited about this new venture and having it well received by friends meant a lot. I apprecaite those who I told not saying "are you crazy?" :)

So here I sit reflecting on how blessed I am in the relationships in my life as my sons and husband hold wrestlemania XLII in our living room..

Now if I could just get all these gals to move to Vegas.. one down (Mary) and oh.. a hundred to go..


TraceyR May 28, 2009  

How exciting! I've always thought it'd be so fun to have an online kit club "store"; this will be a perfect venture for you!!

askings May 28, 2009  

I am so excited for you, I have often thought of doing something like this myself...but you will so make this are superwoman! I wish you the best of luck and make sure to let all of us at GIS know where we can get your kits I want a Tami Taylor First Edition!

Candace H May 29, 2009  

Good luck, Tami! Hope your new business is a great success (and a lot of fun) for you!

scrapweaver May 29, 2009  

Tami I think you will be awesome at this I hope you know you have only to ask if you would like some help! Long distance it might be but I would do what I could. As for moving to Vegas I think I just moved so I am stuck for a good long while I hope.

Mardi June 02, 2009  

Oh Tami I am so excited for you! I will try and keep and eye on your blog for your first kit. Would love to purchase it. Oh and btw, when you decide on a design team, would love to be considered for it. Congratulations on taking the leap!!!!

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