Food.. food.. and more food

>> Nov 26, 2008

Yumm.. ok now that the pre-thanksgiving "why am I doing this" stress is over.. I'm getting into Thanksgiving.. I really do enjoy cooking and having others enjoy my food :)

This year I'm thankful that so far in this economy we are doing well.

So on with the menu! What little treasures will you get if you show up at my house tomorrow?

Brined Rotisserie Turkey.. I love Alton Brown :) (check out this recipe at

Of course I will have mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, traditional stuffing and especially for Tony & my father in law .. a sausage & cornbread casserole. I will have corn pudding (which is basically a creamed corn) and creamed spinach.. and then a praline sweet potato cassserole.. sound yummy??

Besides tossed salad, dinner rolls and crescent triangles.. the buffet table will have a spinach dip & a cheese/meat tray. Oh.. did I mention.. There will be a TON of desserts because let's face it.. that's what people care about :) Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake, pumpkin pies, cookies, cookies & more cookies.. oh and strawberry cheesecake tartlets ..


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