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>> Nov 29, 2008

Way back yester-year.. when Kyle was small.. I always waited until after his birthday to start the christmas season.. I don't like christmas trees in birthday photos.. and more importantly I didn't want Kyle's special day to be overshadowed by the holiday. This year I have no where to put my tree up downstairs so I decided to put it in the master bedroom.. we have a seating area and it worked well.. but I put it up about a week before thanksgiving to make sure it'd work there.. and it seemed to kick off the holiday early for me.. I bought all new decorations to go with our big new tree that is beautiful. It really is gorgeous and I'll post a photo shortly. I am glad I started early.. I was in such a holiday spirit for thanksgiving that I made little gift candy bags for the kiddos and just really enjoyed the family being here. I'm beginning to think I may put it up before thanksgiving every year..


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