My Own Worst Enemy....

>> Nov 29, 2008

I've been working on reorganizing for... well, forever.. but am going to post my embarassment on my blog in hopes the shame of the mess will force me into actually doing something about it ;) though i did buy myself some awesome storage stuff yesterday and am completely motivated to do it.. just have to wait for babies to zonk out so I can get in there for a bit!
So now that you've seen the desk (yes btw the photo is of a desk ;) ) please feel free to email and comment away about what a slob I am until I post some gorgeous after photos of my awesome space (it is an awesome space.. if it weren't for it's owner..)


Terry November 30, 2008  

you'll have fun organizing. Will probably find stuff you didn't know you had.

Linda December 09, 2008  

Tami, I love that little sewing machine that sits among all the clutter........what kind is it and where can I buy is exactly what I have been looking for.

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