Round 2 :)

>> Nov 5, 2008

This challenge was inspired by the show fringe:

Next show up.. Fringe. I really am enjoying this show.. it's dialogue between Pacey.. oh I mean Joshua Jackson.. and his "dad" John NOble who played a rather chilling character in the Lord of the Rings.. is priceless at times.. it's kind of an Alias meets Lost.. The name of the show I find interesting.. the writer JJ Abrams has written for four shows (produced more) on tv.. all with one word titles.. Felicity, Lost, Alias, and now Fringe.. I love one word titles :) so here (see something coming?) are the challenge prompts :)

a) Do a page with a one word title
b) Do a page with fringe.. that nice decorative ribbon, lace, cord..

Are those too easy? Well I thought of what Fringe means.. here's the definition of Fringe (in the context of what I think the refers to the tv show as the show touches on science that is looked down on by the mainstream) Fringe: n. an outer edge; margin; periphery: on the fringe of the art world. So here are some more prompts

c) Do a page where you do something fun with your literal outer edges.. journal on them, cut them, embellish them, create a frame..
d) Do a page that is artistic.. and maybe not mainstream.. doodle, do a collage, use anime/cartoon figures, graphiti, tattoo-like images, punk, think of things that don't have huge chapters of art history books devoted to them..


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