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>> Nov 3, 2008

I asked Debbie if I could have a little fun and post some challenges at her site... she not only agreed..she donated a class pass.. so come over and have some fun!! It only takes one entry to win and you'll love her classes!

Here's the first challenge.. you can do any prompt and it can be a scrapbook page, an art journal .. anything goes really! All the challenges will be based on TV shows though you don't need to watch to play.. they are just ideas that I got from these TV shows .. so here's the first challenge:

I love this show, I love the comic book feel and the pure fantasy of it. Super powers, good vs. evil, saving the world.. Sitting watching with my sons has sparked a conversation or two of what super power we would want to have.. and which super power we think needs to be stopped.. and of course the obvious questions of who on the show is really good and who is one episode from being the evilest villan ever.. :) The show does make one think what makes a hero.. and the struggle to stay that way.

For those who know the show.. Personally I am a big Peter fan.. even if they are giving him a dark side this season (future Peter isn't as altruistic as the now Peter).. I think he's one of the characters with the best heart.. anyway on to the challenge..

For an entry.. do one of the following (as many times or as many as you'd like.. 1 entry per submission).. it can but does not need to be a literal interpretation (literal in that your journal would be along the lines of "my hero is...") it can be a page done that lets the viewer know you admire that person without explicitly stating such. (Hope that makes sense)

a) Who are your heroes? Who in your life have you, or do you look up to?
b) Who do you hope your children will look up to? Who are their heroes right now?
c) Have fun, do a page about what super power you'd like to have? What would you do with it?
d) Do a page of your little super hero, what are his/her super powers?


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