13 going on 30

>> Aug 6, 2005

I have 13 days left until my due date.. though it feels like 30. I had a doctor's appointment on Thursday... baby's heart rate was a little low so I got to have a NST done for the first time. That was interesting. I had to lay on my back which basically cuts off the circulation to my head.. which I feel is the reason I've been a ditz for the last two days... permanent damage?

After 40 mins and the world's worst popsicle, the doctor was satisified the baby's heart rate was low because the baby was at rest. I am now dialated to just over 2. I wonder what the average number of weeks are from a 2 dialation to birth. I know everyone is different blah blah blah.. but I love statistics and numbers.

I have to go back into the doctor's on monday for another NST and an ultrasound. Just to check amnio fluid. I honestly think I'm leaking.. so maybe monday night I'll be staying over at Le Hospital.


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