Two on tuesday

>> Aug 9, 2005

I swear I feel like I got such a load done at work today.. stayed over of course.. but it was nice to get a lot of things organized.

I stopped and got Wendy's for dinner.. Love that place! Today is my anniversary.. 2 years married to someone who still has the power to move me. Sometimes in a good way that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.. other times.. he moves me to tears. But what really gets to me about our relationship.. that no matter how things are.. I always feel like I belong here. I've never once doubted he is my forever.

Only 11 days to go! Yesterday I had a doctor's appointment and found out the baby is estimated at 7.5 lbs! Holy schmoly. I have nearly 2 wks which means average baby gaining a lb a week.. he'll be 9.5 lbs???

Epidural.. I need to make sure I can say that through gritted teeth.. maybe I should have it tattooed on my inner thigh?


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