Still Sunday, Still Stagnant

>> Jul 24, 2005

Ok.. so I accomplished nothing.. I drove to Boston Market for dinner.. and am watching Iron Chef. Next up is Queer as Folk. The show is addicting I tell you. I am a TV junkie.. I really like all tv.

I am physically miserable. Here's a picture of me two weeks ago .. my wonderful girlfriends kidnapped me and took me to a cool hotel in Canada.. this is a scrapbook store.. Paper Pickle.. pretty cool place.. really neat owner. Now I wish I had cleaned so I could scrapbook tonight.

Hopefully in a few weeks when my little ones makes his appearance I'll feel more energetic. And don't post I'll be just as tired caring for a newborn. LOL I most likely will but am hoping I can at least sleep when he's here. Right now I can't get comfortable to sleep.. and am looking forward to sleep.. even if it's only for 2-3 hours at a time!!


Cindy July 24, 2005  

You are beautiful and I am going to not like you after Zach is born cuz you will probably lose any weight you have gained within the first 4 weeks. While *I* am still blaming my weight on Gabe, lmao.

Tami July 24, 2005  

You say that.. and all I can say from that picture is I'm glad I don't see my butt that often LOL.. though now sure how I can miss it!!!

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