Sunday TV is the pits

>> Jul 24, 2005

I sit here.. it's 3pm and not a thing on TV. I wonder why we spend over $100 a month on the "whole" package (cable, internet, etc) and still can't find anything interesting to watch. I wonder if it's a sign to actually do something.. organize or clean my home. I'm "nesting" they say.. I'm 36 weeks pregnant with my second pregnancy, but it will be my fourth child. I have two children from my husband's prior marriage and one from a prior relationship.

I don't think I'm nesting. I think everyone at some point gets fed up with living in clutter.

Ok.. I will get something done today. Since I wrote about it now I feel motivated to accomplish something so I can write that I accomplished something.


Cindy July 24, 2005  

Yippiee, I figured it out!

Tami July 24, 2005  

Hehe.. you so smart..

Now where's yours? :)

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