#101things A Weekend Computer Free

>> Oct 10, 2011

I did it, and I actually started Thursday night.  I decided when I woke up Friday that there's no time like the present to begin.  I'm not going to say I got a ton done over the weekend, for one I think it's a personality thing I manage to get 'enough' done with the computer.  So going computer free I wasn't expecting a spotless house by sunday night.  Frankly, if housecleaning was a priority I would walk away from the computer to do it.  Afterall, I manage to walk away to scrapbook and do other things I want to do right?

I will say I enjoyed not multi-tasking.  When I watched TV I watched TV.  It was probably the hardest, I tend to be an information gatherer and I like thinking "hey who just voiced that cartoon character" then hopping on the computer to look. (Which leads to checking social media sites, my email, pinterest... and in the end only half watching whatever was on TV).  I wasn't able to do that so I had to watch the entire movie not knowing who voiced Optimus Prime in the Transformers trilogy.  I also didn't know what other movies actors were in and where I saw them before.  I didn't know how long to cook my ham.  I had to have a 13 yr old order pizza for dinner friday night.

I'll be honest going without the computer was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I do recommend it.  There were times when out of habit I wanted to hop on but it was more a boredom thing.  I had a crop all day saturday, that was hard because I wanted to look up how to spell a word on my phone or get information on an upcoming crop the rest of my table mates were going to, but I couldn't use the internet.  All in all I think I did very well, even considering my energy level was non-existent because I decided to get a cold over the weekend.  I do think I will be using less computers around here, but honestly it's more about the less-multitasking than less-computers.  I'm beginning to realize that I rarely give anything my undivided attention which is sad.  This weekend did have one positive impact on the househould, by sunday night I decided to institute a new rule and no one is allowed to use the computer sunday nights.  Whether that means everyone stays in the same room and does anything together or not.  I'm finding my kids are beginning this multitasking thing as well.  :(  This week we played monopoly instead, it was a hoot.  Dear husband was being quite a tough negotiator and Austin and Kyle were coming up with some rather hilarious trade ideas.  I think the one that got he most guffaws was $1 for North Carolina Avenue and the pleasure in knowing you were helping a poor person.

From now on I'm going to document my 101 Things in a red Smash book.  I will go back and "smash" previous ones but for now here's my page for this thing.

PS for inquiring minds... I just peaked and I have 555 unread emails .... so now I'm off to work on unsubscribing from some email lists.. :)


Kiwi The Kreator October 10, 2011  

I've actually been trying to do this for a while since my husband feels neglected if I don't! I agree with you....I'm actually pretty cool with being unplugged! SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!! I really thought I'd flip out since that's what I did when I was switching providers and was forced to go without the internet for almost a month last year! I don't know if it's different when it's voluntary or if I've just developed a different mindset! Congrats to you for scratching an item off your list!!!

Nicole Maki October 10, 2011  

Wow! Good for you. I think our crew here should try the same thing. I'm always getting frustrated with my DH for browsing around online when we're trying to talk to him.

Hope your cold clears up ASAP.

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