#101things - Go a weekend staying off the computer

>> Oct 6, 2011

I've decided to accomplish this over the coming weekend.  I know for some it may seem a small feet but others like myself that have come to rely on the internet as a way to socialize, self-educate, and escape housecleaning life. So with that said here are my "rules" for this task.  I will go from 5 o'clock friday until Monday when I rise with my computers shut off.  My phone is a smart phone but I will not abuse this.  I will not update my facebook status through it, nor will I check emails.  If it's important I know something then I'll get a text or phone call right? :)


Terry October 06, 2011  

I think it is a grand idea. I don't check email on weekends-- just look at scrapping stuff on the net on weekends.

Bugs October 06, 2011  

You can do it! I went without it on Saturday (not by choice) and was amazed at how much I got done! LOL

Terri McCarter October 09, 2011  

Craziness, I tell you!

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