I think my husband is a closet classic movie lover...

>> Sep 19, 2011

At first I approached him to have a movie watching buddy.  Terri my former movie watching buddy is in the swing of a school year, complete with a new grade to teach, new lesson plans to write and a teen in love.  I was desperate and expecting to have to make a deal; he'll watch the movie but I have to ____.

Not so, instead he said "I'll give it a try" so I started Heaven Can Wait.  One of the movies for my 101 things list #40 item.  As the intro credits started, my husband said "Oh Don Ameche is in this?"

*jaw drop*

What? - that's right he knew people in this 1943 movie.  I asked who Donna Meche was (yup that's right I hadn't a clue who he was) and my dear husband correct me and told me other films he had been in.  I can not explain the giddy surprise I felt.  I've watched old movies with him before so I wasn't unaware but the others were with actors a LOT more main stream.  No one is surprised when you know who who Bing Crosby is right?  Even so, I'm very excited and can't wait to try the next one.

Regarding the movie:  I loved it.  I kind of wished in the end that the 'dalliances' were misunderstandings and he was always faithful to Martha, probably because of my views on adultry and wanting to like the leads more.  I loved Grand PaPa and the french maid., I really liked that a lot of the risky business was innuendo and jokes.  When sex in movies was funny and not gratuitous nakedness.  Maybe I'm getting old but I think filmmakers have lost the fine art of implication.  When you could imply there was something going on without spelling it out.  I don't think 70 years later the audience is so stupid everything has to be shown on screen.  I'm quite satisfied not having seen Don Ameche get it on with a showgirl.


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