Zach's Sixth Birthday Party

>> Aug 30, 2011

Zach's party was amazing.  We normally keep parties smaller unless it's a milestone birthday (5, 10, 13, 16, etc.) but since we have a pool and it was the end of summer, why not go big right?  The guests were amazing and I truly hope they are people I know when we do celebrate Zach's 16th birthday.  At one point in the party all of the kids were sitting at a smaller table and I was thinking how wonderful it would be if they were all sitting there in 10 years, though maybe a bigger table.  I love the idea of living in once place and providing stability to your kids.  I had that once I hit jr. high when I was a kid.  I wish circumstances didn't lead to us having to move from Michgian to Vegas but I think being here as many years as we have been already has given our kids the opportunity to make lasting friendships if they choose.

Anyway, here are my top 10 favorite shots from the party:

10.  Not the shot I was referring to above, but a great shot of about half the 'gang'

9.  Not how I wanted them to look but once I made one Zach insisted they were awesome

8.  Pop Pop busted dripping water on someone down below.

7. Does he look like he needs candy?

6.  How can you not find delight in those faces?  Especially Matthew's (far right)

5.  Funny that Miranda had to be bribed to get in the pool with soda...

4.  Group canonball!!

3.  A "big" looking out for a "little" (they are about a year apart)

2.  When I first asked him to hold up six fingers he was confused and said he could only do five.  I think he thought it was a trick.  I finally explained used both hands and he felt a little embarassed he didn't think of that.  I love this face.

1.  This is not photoshopped!  See that heart flame!  Isn't that awesome!  


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