First Day of School and why I pack an extra lunch each day

>> Aug 30, 2011

So I decided to be witty the first day of school and start a new trend.  But here are the first day shots of my boys and lunch packing story.

After dropping the boys off and Keagan insisting on bringing an empty backpack to drop Zach off at school I realized this year may be harder on him than the one before.  I don't even want to think about the fact he can't start for another 2 years.  He just wants to be big and hang with the big kids.  He so wants to go to school too.  So we now have a new morning ritual.  As I pack Zach's lunch for school, I pack a second lunch that goes into the backpack.  Keagan carries it to school, we drop Zach off, come home and when it's lunch time; Keagan eats his packed lunch in the 'lunchroom' (which is his table in the scraproom).  We also had reading today (he read on my nook) and dance class (to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song).  It's going to be a fun year with this preschooler.  


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