#101things - 55 Go to the park with my kids, and only leave when they want to leave

>> Aug 24, 2011

Today Austin returns home, tomorrow hopefully we'll have some lovely man named Javier cleaning up the damage we've done to our yard (there really should be orientations to Vegas and how not to kill your grass, trees, bushes.. especially when you are moving from Michigan where you can't stop half of these things from growing)  After that Friday will be spent with last minute errands for Zach's party and Saturday is the party.  Follow that with Sunday being the last day of summer (essentially) and school starting monday... I'm not hoping for much mind time this week.

Last night I took the boys out for an evening swim, around six or so.  I decided once out there I was going to let them decide when we came in.  Now you may argue our backyard is not a park.  I argue when I made that list it was not pool whether so I was thinking more of an outdoor activity.  The essence of the list item is to let them dictate when they are done playing instead of my boredom dictating when they stop.

It was a success.  About 8 o'clock after jumping in the pool at least fifty times Keagan wanted to come inside.  He was starving.  I left Zach outside to swim with Kyle & Tyler and sat at the snack table and talked to Keagan about snacking, and we looked through the grocery flyers and talked about good food and food that's good for you.  He seemed to get it until we got to pop tarts, he wouldn't concede that pop tarts aren't good for you.

Zach followed in about a half hour later, and a hundred more dives.  He was exhausted and kept asking what time it was and how many minutes after his bedtime was it.  He thought it was cool they were swimming under the lights and the sky was pitch black.  After inhaling a biscuit and some vitamin water he started asking when he was bedtime was again.  I took the hint and put two very exhausted boys to bed.

Today on the agenda is a trip to Sam's Club to hopefully get a headstart on some things before the birthday party, the Pool store to have our pool vacuum accessed and maybe a treat at McD's for lunch.  Then house chores, pick up Austin and try to get his schedule before the school closes.  Busy busy.. but in all that I'm hoping my Work In Progress Kit arrives today, I kind of splurged a bit this time.  I also have my eyes on several items at the New-to-me store Art Goods Shop.

In completely unrelated news have I told you how much I appreciate that my boys like Ramen noodles and Mac & Cheese?


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