#97 Have 12 'date nights'

>> Jul 23, 2011

Oops! I forgot to blog this one back when it happened.  Tony and I saw the Lincoln Lawyer then ate at the Lodge (#78 go to 10 local restaurants I've never been).  First the restaurant - again it was ok I don't know if I expect too much but it was average.  We went back because they have a reputation for a great breakfast.. that was ok too.  I think I just really miss Bob Evans and Texas Roadhouse, one can't help but compare like restaurants with those two powerhouses.

Now the movie... it was predictable.  I like Mr. Sexy Abs as much as the next girl but this wasn't my favorite of his, or near favorite law movie.  I think I'd rather he & Heather Graham go back to trying to lose each other in 10 days.


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