Hey what's the big idea??

>> Nov 14, 2010

When Aunt Teresa decided to crash Keagan's train with her train, Keagan said "hey! what's the big idea??".  It got quite a few chuckles.

Later, Angie brought Keagan a belated birthday gift.  After having the gift 10 minutes he took a sharpie marker to it.  At first I was embarrassed he ruined his new present until it dawned on me; when Keagan & Zach get identical gifts I mark Keagan's with a black dot.  When they are playing if it has a black dot I tell Zach it's Keagan's and give it back.  He wasn't ruining his toy he was making sure Zach knew it was his.  I tried to clean the dot off later with a Mr. Clean eraser and Keagan wasn't having it.

This morning he was playing with two spoons, he put the spoon part on his nose and started moving the handles in a circle.  He excitedly exclaimed "Look mom, I'm a clock!"

From his witty retorts, to his cunning resourcefulness to his wonderful imagination... I can't help it, I just love how his mind works.


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