To-days To-dos

>> Oct 31, 2009

So it's only 9am and i'm trying to be eager and excited about today. Not that there is a lot going on just to get motivated to actually do something.

I have a living room that looks like a Thomas the Train tornado rolled through it, Laundry, boxes to be packed and groceries to be purchased. An art journal to work on, a kit to get ready..

Last night we went to a halloween party at Barnes & Noble it was .. interesting. They had around 65 kids in about 6.5 square feet of space.. it got difficult when the little ones had a costume contest because they asked them to all come up on a stage (about 3 x 4 ft) .. but parents came too because the little ones were that little.. it actually became funny after a few moments.

Tonight is a neighbors birthday and the kids will be trick or treating. I wish there were some good movies out this week, but alas I will be stuck with whatever is on cable.


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