Organization Challenge

>> Jun 4, 2009

Organizing is the same as a dating .. I have gone out with a LOT of solutions but have yet to find "the one". So I am trying this Organization Challenge by Stacy (wookiemouse)

Now I just found it so I am behind but not by much and will be caught up by the end of this post ;)

Week 1: Space Audit

What works:
My embellishments, they are in my eye line and easy to access

My kits, in iris cart drawers so everything is together and it's easy to dump it back in the drawer
My photos are stored nicely (those actually developed and put in the storage)
My Alphas on a clip it up

What's OK: (I'm adding my own category)
Stamp blocks and stamps.. too much effort to dig them out but I can't have everything in reach

What doesn't:
My bigger embellishments.. I always need what's in the bottom container or the back one

Pens.. my desk drawer doesn't pull out far enough when I'm sitting there without effort of moving the chair on carpet and the front bins of the drawer aren't big enough for pens

Tools.. must dig as if digging for china
Adhesives.. ATG works fab but glue dots and such thrown in box and box has no 'home'
Clean up.. I don't do it and find putting away a dozen different items in as many containers annoying

So I think I'd like
  1. a place to put pens that's not the drawer and I'd rather it not be in a box.. not sure what that leaves. I would like a pen rack so to speak perhaps to put in the open cupboard above (with the three white boxes across the top)
  2. a place to put things to not clean up every time a do a layout but rather at the end of a scrapping session
  3. a place easily accessible for the adhesives
  4. better fit for my larger embellishments

Ok I think I'm caught up and will try to get in there to at the very least keep thinking on my approach


scrapweaver June 04, 2009  

Hve you seen the cute pen cady in the Scrapbooks etc? I'll look up the issue if you are interested.

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