Going "commando" is not an option...

>> Jun 5, 2009

So someone (me) has been slacking on laundry. This morning poor Zach was without clean underpants.. though in my defense he is prone to changing them more than once a day.. as mornings are Lightening McQueen and if we are watching Thomas the Train movies.. our underwear must match, right? Knowing there were some in the dryer I told him to just put on his pants until the dryer was done. We aren't going anywhere so no big deal right?

Apparently, this to the ears of a three year old translated to asking a scrapper to burn her albums. Yes, it was that big of a reaction. He cried and pleaded for me to find him underwear.. all which was met by my not quite stiffled laughter. (Yes, I realize this probably didn't help.)

I just put shorts on the crying child and told him it'd be ok, it's no big deal just sit and relax for a little bit. He sat on the couch watching some SpongeBob and sniffling. Cut to about an hour later (calmed down, underwear forgotten) he slides off the couch.. upon which his shorts ride *up*..

I am sitting here in the chair and knew before he even said anything what he was thinking about this wedgie issue.. and whose fault it was. The most irritated look crossed his face as he turned to me.. hand yanking the shorts out of backside and very sternly he said "See! It is NOT OK!!!!! I told you I need underwear!"

Oh.. my... I am still crying from laughing so hard.


askings June 06, 2009  

That is hilarious Tami...I can't stop laughing right now...I saw a girl and her mom at the Walmart where I work and she was 3 or 4 and crying as I passed them in the aisle and she yells..."Get me outta here...can't you see I don;t want to be here anymore" I found out a few seconds later that she was without her dollie whihc was her constant companion. I didn't know whether to be stunned into scilence or stifle the laughter in me that was accompanied by the thought of "yeah you and me both kid!" Anyways kids always know how to use their words when they really want to make us feel bad! So cute though...guess you'll be stocking up on underwear!

TraceyR June 06, 2009  

So, so funny - and funny that he matches his undies to his tv show -haha. We had the opposite problem; ds went commando for years but had to rethink that when middle school locker rooms entered the picture!

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