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>> May 15, 2009

So I have a friend who is by far one of the best buds to have when you are a list maker.. Terri. Here's her blog. She just send me a cute little calendar, she's trying to raise money to go back to volunteer at a clinic in Romania. Read her blog for more information it's a pretty awesome & selfless adventure to say the least. Now back to the list thing.. we used to make these new years resolutions and would put so many on the list it was almost so crazy we should have been locked up for it.

I am missing my lists.. (and I miss you too Terri.. email more :P)

So here is my list for the world to see and maybe hold me a little more accountable for it ;) I have six things I want to do this summer. Here goes..

1. Album Project: I need to reorganize all my layouts and put them in albums in a way they make more sense. I will be using a customized form of the Photo Freedom system.. (Stacey Julian) and I have a ton of layouts that aren't even in albums that need to go in some system.

2. Photo Project: I need to get all my digital photos under control. I want to get them all organized and will need to take my old laptop in and see how much they can save from the HD. I am really hoping they can save at least the christmas photos from 2008.. I will really hate to lose those. (the thing died shortly after uploading them and I never delete from my memory cards until I back up on cd but this time I must have hit the wrong thing because they aren't on the memory card :) ) Ok I digress again... organize photos.. get a system in place to routinely have them developed.

3. Reading Project: I just bought a ton of books for inspiration and have only thumbed through a few.. I would like to have read at least 1/2 of them.. and I mean READ not just look at pictures.

4. Camera Project: I splurged on my new lens and want to get off auto settings. I want to learn the settings and take photos like the pros

5. House Project: I'm almost done purging I took a break for a bit but am getting back to normal so I can pick back up where I left off.. Not a lot left to do but it will make such a big difference.

6. Art Project: I want to play more.. I have the retreats scheduled and those are a step in that direction but I want to practice scrapbooking & art journaling more. I miss it.

So those are the six things I'm working on this summer. My deadline is August 31. Now to decide which to pick first.. I just got the albums from crop chocolate so I think I may start the album project first.. essentially it's a part of all the rest of the projects too.


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