Got Milk? Keagan does!

>> Apr 19, 2009

Tony thinks I'm a little mean for doing this but Keagan has had a milk issue since a wee one. Kyle was also milk intolerant when he was an infant (about 2mos) but at 1yr he switched to milk and no problems.. Keagan seemed to have issues at one year trying to switch him to milk. Mostly it was a gassy belly problem.. but he also has been sick a lot since he was 1.. so many ear infections that the Dr. has him on "watch" and if he gets another in the next two months he's getting tubes. (I really like my kids doctor.. he is cautious and tends to approach their care with the same laid back attitude I have .. it's a concern but let's give it some time to fix itself.. he did this with Keagan's tear duct problem and it resolved itself .. a little later than we cared for but it did it on it's own)

Anyway.. yesterday I tried milk with Keagan again.. Tony was hesitant and probably wouldn't have done it but I figured I'd deal with the fall out (ha). So far we are 3 cups in one yesterday AM, one in the afternoon and we are on our third this morning.. so far.. no side affects!!!

Happy dance! This means I can fatten him up a bit with some good ol' milk. And no more formula!

I'm in an awesome mood today.. feeling chatty which isn't that great because I'm here with just Zach & Keagan... they are not conversationalists.. (like their dads) but I've gotten several loads of laundry done, dishes.. and let me tell you between the dirty dishes and the boys sweaty clothes the downstairs area isn't the most pleasant place to be.. opened all the windows a rarity in Vegas (if it's too windy you get a dirty house, too hot and you are baking yourself like a thanksgiving turkey)

It's a good day. How's yours?


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