Simmons, retreats and an Aussie from NY..

>> Apr 23, 2009

You already know yesterday I registered for TWO scrapbook retreats.. how awesome still geeked about that.. but before that I had gotten headed down for a little meet & greet at the Paris Hotel in Vegas.. while waiting I scrouched down and was taking photos of me & the boys..

and what do I see.. a rather tall man in a black suit walk about 5 inches from the stroller.. and I knew the back of that head anywhere.. I decided to just sneak a photo from afar.. I always feel silly when I think of asking a celebrity to stop and pose.. so I never have and probably never will.. anyway here's my photo of Gene.. but keep reading

Beyond.. and I mean WAY beyond all of that.. there is a group of ladies that I met that are just amazing. First I must say I could sit and listen to them talk for hours.. they could read me the phone book and it would be mesmerizing... there is nothing like an Australian accent.. ;)

I met CELIA!!! It was so very cool I can't believe the luck I have in life to meet such amazing women. And her friends.. oh my! They are just as fun and amazing as she is!

Unfortunately, Celia got stuck next to Zach...

Her friends and herself kept trying to tell me he was being good but he tried to man handle Celia's bracelet off her.. then dropped a piece of chip in her drink (can I crawl under the table now?) .. but Zach loved her.. and when it was time to go he asked if he could stay with her. He also had this to say about leaving..

He cried on the way home he didn't want to go.. and Keagan .. who was an angel and just ate the entire time (serioulsy he literally ate the entire time) did this on the way home..

So thank you so much Celia for letting me be a little part of your journey. I loved meeting all your friends they are amazing .. not surprising since you are such a cool girl! I can't wait to see the photos you got (she had a better camera :) )


Linda April 23, 2009  

Holy Cow Tami, I can't believe your good luck. That is so wonderful that you got to meet another Hodgeling. Your boys are so cute and I can see why they can easily get away with murder.....too stinkin cute.

Linda April 23, 2009  

I hung up too soon, was not finished talking..........that is really super that you got to meet Celia, I love reading her blog so much and I can just imagine she is so interesting to talk to.
Also what retreats did you sign up for???

Celia April 23, 2009  

Hey Tami you beat me to it- I'll get my blog done after work tomorrow just back from VEGAS NOW (12PM NYC time) and I have to go to work tomorrow and sound intelligent!

We had a ball and LOVED you and your kids- Zach is super special.

DebbieHodge April 24, 2009  

fab fab FABULOUS! so happy to read this and look at the photos.

Anonymous,  April 26, 2009  

Hi Tami

It was great to meet you and two of your children. What fun to see the boys and hear about life in Vegas.
Hope we can do it all again!


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