>> Apr 4, 2009

I really have been doing a complete overhaul of my scrapping area.. and at long last... it's done!

Here's my little sanctuary.. :)

First here's the desk showroom format.. (I didn't want to bust out the wide angle lense to get a pic)

This iris cart houses my alphabets. Each drawer holds a color.. yes I have that many. The Get It Scrapped bag is my library bag so I know where the books are when we take our library walks.

(The gate allows me to keep the door open and hear the little ones when Kyle is "watching" them)

My desk is a L shaped desk. This is the left side bottom drawer. Each pink bin has a different set of artsy stuff.. one is spray inks, one is paints & brushes and the last contains all the items I use for texturing (Art Journaling is so much fun.. and more shopping!)

And the next drawer up has my photos then the top part of that hutch.

And then there is the middle that has my computer (no photo) and this is in the cabinet above my computer.

Under the middle part of the desk.

This is the work area.. the desk is covered in glass to protect it from the abuse I give it. I am still ga-ga over my desk I love my little center of the universe. Thanks for looking! And listening to my gripes about organizing and sorting all this time!


Kristin Troyer April 04, 2009  

You have lots of goodies and fun stuff. Love your space!

Laura April 05, 2009  

It looks awesome! Happy Scrapping! :)

Linda April 05, 2009 your scrappy space. You are so organized....Hope you have many hours of fun there.

Melanie Stanczyk April 05, 2009  

You sure have lots of goodies in there! (a girl after my own heart)

Love those embellishment centers. I should get 1....or 2 like you have.

Gab,  April 06, 2009  

Wow, it looks fantastic Tami - well done!!

Terry April 07, 2009  

awesome space Tami. How long are you going to keep it neat? :)

Tami: aka Michigirl74 April 07, 2009  

lol you know me so well! so far its still good!

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