The economy sucks.

>> Apr 30, 2009

I know this isn't news to anyone.

My DH works on the FontaineBleau project in Las Vegas. The banks they were contracted with to fund the project, these banks that took billons in bailout money to help revive the economy have decided to back out of the project. Here's more information: Now I have to wonder if the contractors did have a default why they would risk so much more money sueing the banks (knowing they'd lose having been in default and thus breaking their end of the contract) .. it's just so frustrating. This is going to affect so many people when the city, like all cities, is already suffering from the economy. Please understand I am not talking about the poor casinos not getting as many people visiting. It is easy to wrap all of Las Vegas into the gaming industry but there is a city here with people and families and kids. It's hard to keep faith when your son's closest friend comes over to say goodbye. Not "we're moving", but good-bye because they had to pack up and move over the weekend. Ok.. sorry for the sadness I really am holding on to the fact that it's temporary and we are going to be ok.


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