>> Mar 21, 2009

I decided I had to do at least one of my housecleaning to-dos yesterday.. so I cleaned the laundry room.. well actually only got half done as it was way worse than I ever imagined. I can not begin to describe the layer of gunk that was under the washer & dryer.. I pulled them out.. and steamed the floor with my shark steamer.. (an amazing product by the way I can't imagine how else that stuff would have came up) .. but my floor is nice in there now.. and it will last for about a week. It's the room that gets the traffic and with that the dirt and since it's the walkway from garage to home it will never remain clean but at least my appliances are white again with no visible dried on laundry detergent and the floor is clean .. my plan today is to finish by moving my christmas decoration bins onto the top shelf and reorganizing the cleaning products on the next shelf..

Oh and I read another book How to Cheat at Cleaning by Jeff Bredenberg.. I am glad I got it at the library I'd be mad if I bought it. It borders on annoying and I am probably not going to thoroughly read it.. though I keep thinking it can't just be about using disposable everything... in some instances I think disposables the best choice but not for all cleaning.. he doesn't literally say that but that's the feel from this reader's perspective. He says some things I think are good to hear, like to focus on important stuff. And his commercial cleaning (clean during commercials just small tasks) .. anyway thats my short review it's an ok read..

Off to work on my to-dos :)


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