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>> Mar 18, 2009

I love American Idol.. I love Biggest Loser and for no other reason that that.. I'm going to blog on them :)

I watched American Idol first.. and have to say I think this is by FAR my favorite season. I was so excited and not in a mean way when the top favorites 'Lil, Danny, etc. didn't do as well and the poor kids scrapping the bottom of the barrel (can we say Anoop) did great.. it isn't an in your face comment but rather an excitement that it will be a real competition rather than predicitability.. who wants to watch a superbowl game of the Lions vs. Steelers.. not as exciting. I have to say I really loved Adam's performance.. glad there is a risk taker! I like Megan and Anoop.. and I thought Kris did a great job!

Biggest Loser.. still annoyed with them not saying who Aubrey ate a cookie for! And Jillian is still on my nerves.. she's just gone weird this season with all her holier than though stuff.. (wont bore those who have heard this rant before LOL)

I am enjoying TV again.. my old friend is back!

I also have a few more books.. Visual Chronicles.. it's really enjoyable in it's simplicity.. just things to do like a color inspiration or journal prompts.. I also got the Journal Revolution Book by the same authors.. and some really weird cards called Wide Open that are to prompt me as well. No I don't need a prompt for everything I do.. but I enjoy having a push.. or challenging myself when I have only 5 minutes to do something.. having a prompt helps cut out the whole "what do I do" .. not to mention sometimes prompts will cause a journal snippet about something I wouldn't have thought to do .. my only hope is getting into a better routine so I can find those brief moments.

Off to do laundry....


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