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>> Sep 7, 2008

I try to treat this blog as a happy place on the internet and keep sadness out of it.. even when I type serious things I always try to be light (as much as I can) but yesterday my grandmother died and I can’t be light about that.. she was my mother’s mother.. my last link to my mother who passed away 10 years ago this September 24th.  When I allow myself time to think and feel, I realize I am the last of the line of these women… it’s a hard thought to process.  I have no daughters to pass on all the mysteries that make us women who we are.. my grandmother, my mother and me.  We are so different in histories and experiences, so different in philosophies and desires.. but so much the same soul.   We are strong survivors who all put family first and foremost in life.  We kept each other grounded, telling the other if they were being an idiot.. (of course I didn’t say this until adult years, for fear of infinite grounding)  We supported each other, ardently.  My grandmother was a strong influence in my childhood, she would often spend weekends at my house.  I learned so much from her and my mother.. I can’t imagine being half the person I am today if not for them.  I will miss my grandmother as terribly as I miss my mother. 


amberhelga September 09, 2008  

i am so sorry for you loss!
hugs! going your way

Bugs September 09, 2008  

That was a beautiful tribute to your Grandmother. Hugs and love to you!

Cate Sforza aka absolutartist1 September 27, 2008  

Tami, I'm so very sorry to hear of your loss. You can still pass those memories to the boyys though who will maybe - one day - be able to pass it on to their daughters.


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