Holy cow!

>> Aug 25, 2008

This is a photo from a roadtrip with the kids. We are from michigan and even though our little rural town back tehre was called 'cowtown' this was a sight we'd never seen. Cows just roam wild up over the street here in Nevada (obviously not in the towns). There are a ton of accidents and warnings that "cows & cars don't mix".. evidence on the street in this photo.. it was just an odd thing to me to see this big bull walking across as if he owned the road.. and let's face it.. he did.. LOL



Bobbi August 28, 2008  

Wow! This is a great layout. I love the shadows in the picture. We were up in the mountains on a hike last week and what do you know but about 7 cows came walking down the trail. Deer I could see, but cows? I wish I had had my camera!

Scrappin' Mama August 28, 2008  

Wow! I love this lay-out Tami. I hope someday to get a cool picture like that....I always have my camera in hand.

Bugs September 03, 2008  

awesome layout, Tami! Love it in black and white.

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