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>> Jul 9, 2008

Here’s prompt 3 and I’m caught up with the blogging! :D


What’s in your suitcase?  What are travel necessities?


Currently in my scrapbook suitcase are some kits I need to take to my gal-pals who are attending a scrapbook retreat with me at the end of this month.  The rest are empty and anxiously awaiting to be filled for this retreat.  Before kids I was a great packer and rarely forgot anything.  Now I pretty much travel knowing that I will get to a destination and on average 3 things will have been left behind.  This topic is actually pretty ironic on timing as on my to-do list today is to make a list of what I need to pack/do before leaving.  Like making sure cell phones and media players are charged and make sure I pack chargers for the long weekend, packing my scrapbook supplies and photos.. my camera and so on.  Hopefully I get this off my to-do list today along with the other million things on it………


What is your 1 item you can’t travel without?  Mine’s my cell phone.


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