Bending time

>> Jul 11, 2008

Today’s prompt from My Freedom is to discuss whether you prefer time to move fast or slow.. how do you want your pace of life to be?  I think I am every human who always wants what they don’t have.  I’m not sure why that is human nature but it is just seems a rare occasion to like what you have and enjoy it.  How many times do you sit and think it’s so hot and wish it were cooler out, then when winter comes it’s too cold and you long for summer.. the cliché the grass is always greener on the other side is universally understood for a reason.  My life moves as I will it to.. when it is going fast and there is something going on every moment it’s because I have said yes to those things, I have the will and power to say no I don’t want to attend something or I can reschedule things that aren’t urgent, but I choose not to and thus wind up in a sprint for that time.. and when I do opt out of festivities or prefer the long hours of catching up on my favorite television shows it’s because I choose to.. I am choosing the slow marathon of life.. not worried about those running fast by as I’ll catch up.. but this doesn’t answer the question.. how do I prefer my pace of life?  I prefer to think of the pace of life as a triathlon.  Different units of life require different approaches, speeds and exertion.  I like the variety, I appreciate each leg in it’s part, and as it’s part of the whole.


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