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>> Apr 24, 2008

So.. now my eldest son is 13.. I remember when my daughter turned 13 and what a crazy group of girls that stayed the night.. and fruit pizza and for whatever reason really long colorful socks the girls wore… I think I’ll remember the look on my son’s face when he got his skateboard the most.  He was excited but is one of those kids that doesn’t let it show for fear he’ll look silly or something so he had to muffle the excitement in front of his friends… It was a nice group and I realize how much I love his attitude in life as his friends seem to have the same attitude.


I haven’t gotten to scrap much lately but have been buying!  I need to stop spending money as it’s only THREE MONTHS until I get to go to MN for a scrapbook retreat with my gal-pals.  The retreat is for the Scrap-Room kit club however I managed (still not sure how) to convince two of my oldest friends (oldest in length of friendship not their age ;) ) to meet me there.. well one lives there so she really was without choice.. the other is flying in to join the par-tay!  So I am saving from today forward to have a fat roll of money for the Mall of America. 


However.. this did NOT help J  I got a new bedroom set.. my dear husband and I have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor as the metal frame it was on broke in the move from Michigan to Las Vegas.. now my philosophy was I just don’t care as only he and I see it.. then I started realizing we have this big master bedroom where we are and it looks like a junk room.. where the owner throws a mattress in and says it’s a guest room.. boxes and clothes and just things without a home everywhere.. so we looked online and found this auction:




isn’t it gorgeous??? And the price was amazing as we had looked at several furniture stores and the sets that were similar were $3000 with just the bed, dresser/mirror and 1 nightstand.. (and seriously who needs just 1 nightstand??)


I also got a new set of pots which we needed and a dyson vacuum which I didn’t realize how MUCH we needed until I used it.. gross.  The sand it picked up was embarrassing!  I had a baby crawling in that stuff.. ick.


So today my agenda is to finish my DT projects which are both 80% complete.. get those to the LSS and catch up on some challenges.. as tomorrow I’m going to try to join in on shimelle’s picture taking extravaganza.. see her site for details shimelle.com


Oh and a small plug.. the Scrap-Room.com is having a big sale on past kits and some grab bags of stuff.. I’d head over and check it out!






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