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>> Apr 7, 2008

So another class prompt over in Shimelle land is to share the rooms of your home.. this was fun snapping pictures and just taking a moment to really look at the rooms (and what a bad housekeeper I am! LOL) I really stepped out of a zone on this LO.. for one I used a paper line (Basic Grey Sublime) that is probably discontinued by now and I’ve been ‘saving’ it for years (don’t know what for.. ) but I just grabbed and USED it.. I also used a sketch on the Sketches by Suzy blog that fit the number of pictures I wanted to include.. it isn’t the LO I imagined but I like it J  Journaling:  Our home is filled with many spots, our bedroom spots above (Ours, Austin’s, Kyle’s, Zach’s, Keagan’s); our fun spots to the right (Video game room, Zach’s room, the tub); we have clean clothes spots, dirty dishes spot (it will never be clean)  A bookshelf that is the dump-your-junk spot; the computer in the kitchen is the boys’ spot, in the living room a movie watching spot, and the noggin channel spot (I’m not sure if we get any other channels anymore) our living rom also has a zach spot and a keagan spot, then there is the bike spot the boys call it the bmx training spot.. for me it’s the “I’ll get back into those jeans” spot.  None of these spots stays neat and tidy long.  They are all lived in spots.  *second page* The most noteable spots are th front door as it seems someone is always coming or going and the kitchen as it is where we are all together most often, Family dinner has always been the most important event to me.


** ok I did catch the misspelled words and they are fixed after the photo.. anyone else think and write faster than their mental spell checker??



Lan April 09, 2008  

Hi Tami,

Great layouts, you are tagged :)

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