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>> Mar 29, 2008

Ok so that's the song on Noggin right now but it fits :) I am loving my new desk it's so pretty and fits me and fits all my stuff! That's the scrap area.. lots of area huh? I'm so happy that although it looks FULL most of the area behind doors and in drawers is only half full. I have room to grow if needed!
This is the rest, if you are on TSR's board you know my albums annoy me.. too many different binders and the way the post albums are the binders look overstuffed quickly (like when you can see the hole for the post because you have SO much in them) I intend on moving all my albums into binders that will be sturdier and have hard covers (meaning the binding end is set in size you can only expand so much because it's a like a hardcover book)

I also splurged at the scrapbook store thursday on two new binders (you can see one in the pic on the top shelf is's brown and looks like a hardcover book) the rest of the splurge was just fun stuff some embellishments and some papers. I would have spent more time (and money) if my two year old didn't decide to strip naked and try to run around the store (yes he really did) so i high-tailed it out of there and ended my spree.

So any scrappy goals for anyone out there? I am doing an RAK on the TSR board for those who post & complete goals.. I have a few to say the least hopefully I'll get them all completed or at least enough that I no longer feel overwhelmed with the scrapping responsibilities :)


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