How My Home Defined Me..

>> Mar 31, 2008

Ok I got one done!  Prompt 2 of Shimelle’s class


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Growing up in a small town (pop. 2562 in 2000, the last year I lived there) definitely had its pros & cons.  My friends and I always complained there was never anything to do – yet we were always doing something.  It was annoying that everyone knew everyone in town, but at the same time it was nice to always be greeted wherever you went.  I remember our block would have these huge block party/cookouts in the summer.  (You know the ones you see in movies) One summer the cookout ended in this full-out water fight.  Where the parents got involved running around with the hoses to see who could get farther down the street and soak morepeople.  If your hose reached the farthest you were definitely king.  Id’ like to say times are different now, that it’s not as easy to build these relationships, but I don’t think it’s the times, but rather people are different.  There is a uniqueness to having a neighborhood like the one I grew up in, you have to have the right mix of people with the right personalities and rive to build friendships.  Looking back I realize how ridiculous I was to never appreciate those moments on that street, Now that I am thousands of mils away and my children are at the age wehre the memories they make now are the ones they’ll carry for their lives, I wish we lived in a neighborhood, the kind of my childhood.  We just moved here and I definitely see the potential in our area but it’s the beginning.  I hope my kids have the same happy childhood and someday they look through some old pictures of where they call “hometown” and they get flooded with a million happy memories.


The other pictures have small snippets of what they are or a brief memory of that area.


Sarah x April 01, 2008  

Great layout. At least you have done 1 prompt - are you enjoying the class? I know exactly how you feel about your old neighbourhood. On my little street everyone knew everyones business but it was a safe place, everybody got along and there were other kids my age around. The world is a different place now - but I am sure your children will love looking back on their childhood.

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