Oh Dear

>> Feb 28, 2008

I took my boys to McDonald’s, the mom’s heaven. You take your kids in and if you are lucky to have an older kid (or two in my case) you send them off to the playland they watch the 2 yr old as you stand and order for all. It really is a masterpiece by design.  It’s enclosed, that’s the simplicity of it. We went to a “real’ park yesterday and it was stressful for me as I kept imagining my wild child running off and never being seen again.  At McDonald’s you send them off to a playland with walls and glass for parental viewing… "Bye-bye go play!"  Then you get to stand and wait for your food; if you have never flown solo as a parent of multiple kids you will never realize the peace and quiet standing and waiting for burgers while holding a 4 mo old in a car seat can bring… so I get the food and head off to join the rest. All but the 2 yr old sit down to eat.. lucky for us we have the playland to ourselves so I just let the 2 yr old run wild while everyone else ate.. every now and then he hops over for a drink of milk or a bit of a nugget.. it really was a slice of heaven for the evening.  And as we leave I get back to frustrated mom mode getting the boy train into the car and buckled up.. Zach’s favorite saying of late is “Oh Dear” .. as we are hopping into the car he tries to sit in a “big boy seat” and I yell at him .. he doesn’t move.. I give him the warning to get his fanny in the backseat and in response get “oh dear” as he’s crying and scrambling for the backseat.. it was definitely a “mom means business” scurry.. it left the rest of us in hysterics..


Ok I’m done procrastinating.. I need to get a page done.. titles hurt my head sometimes.. I can come up with cute ones but what teen wants a *cute* title?? I have a page stuck in my head and I just can’t get it down on paper!  I think I need more supplies. . Yeah thats it!



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