>> Feb 26, 2008

Ok I'm the queen of biting off more than I can chew.. sometimes it works out.. sometimes it doesn't! Let's all hope this month it works like a charm.

I'm sure it sounds like I'm playing the blame game but I'm not.. shimelle's site (see links) was killed by some spammers while she went to CHA (which personally I think is just karma kicking her for something as great as CHA something bad is BOUND to happen.. or is that just my life??** JUST KIDDING) At any rate.. I was left promptless and my scrappin mojo DIED. So I started other things to force myself into scrapping since I got this wonderful new ATG Gun (great gadget.. that I got a faulty one :( but called customer service and voila! they are replacing it as we speak I'm just waiting for it in the mail) So, back to the topic.. I have many goals/projects this month. I am a few weeks behind in my weekly scrapbook (scrapping a week review each sunday) and I have an album for a gift I'm working on, some pages I need to copy & send to my dad (from a book on my childhood has my mom who passed away 9.5 years ago in it and I know he'll enjoy it.. ) another project to put in the box with that because my dad's birthday is mid-March.. and now I joined a Double Dutch class with Susan Constansa (ok not sure if I spelled that right but I did just give your class a shout out so we're even ;) ) anyway go to and look for the double dutch class sign up it's going to be a great scrapbook adrenaline injection.. a sketch a day for a month WOWZA! then I signed up for Barb's blog she's posting a prompt a day for march AND I am determined to catch up with Shimelle's now that shes' back up and running (she's slowly posting the catchup posts that were sent to la-la-land when she was away.. thanks for going slow for us!) AND I picked up a package for a design team call that's due this saturday.. for a LSS AND I'm considering trying out for another online DT call but I just don't know .. that's a lot!!


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