Holy Cow I got to scrapbook??

>> Feb 2, 2008

Ok it was midnight and I died the next day from lack of sleep but stil.. I scrapbooked! My goal was to get the journaling done and a LO to go with it the same day.. so I started the LO 2/1 but finished 2/2 just after midnight..

Here's my day two of shimelle's journaling prompts:
Let me tell you about this boy.

This boy knows what 'stop it' means but doesn't do it.
This boy likes chicken nuggets, but not today.
This boy says 'nope' but sometimes it means yes.
This boy loves his brothers, but it has to be his idea.
This boy loves cars, but only cool cars.
This boy wants to draw, but really just wants into mama's scrapbook stuff.


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