>> Jan 31, 2008

Ok actually many of my friends will atest i could talk the bark off a tree.. my poor son has taken after me and often gets the glazed eyes from audiences everywhere (including myself) so it would surprise many to see the lack of story telling in my scrapbooks. I blame it on time, I have so little most days that weaving a story often just becomes work. However some of it may be just the lack of confidence in putting things down in writing.. forever .. it's so.. permanent!

So on my favorite kit board The Scrap Room I get a link (thanks Nikki!) for a blogger who does journaling prompts and has this awesome Christmas class I missed.. but the month of february it's free journaling prompts every day.. with a sneak peak today..

here's her blog:

Here's my 1/31 sneak peak journaling result:

I like sunny summer days, cool winter nights and crisp fall days.
I like summer cookouts, the excitement of going back to school and the calm after christmas.
I like new office supplies, new scrapbook supplies and when someone else buys them for me but I can't stand when someone talks during my TV shows!


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