>> Feb 6, 2008

First I highly recommend researching the word I was looking for the proper spelling and found the interesting article on wikipedia on how the word originated.

but it's always been a favorite word of mine just because it's goofy sounding.. though me and my girlfriend from college always did get a good snicker out of "pooh" as well :) so when shimelle's journaling prompt suggested using a favorite word I immediately thought of gobbledygook and then my 2 yr old :) Here's the result:

Journaling reads: The word is gobbledygook. It's what most people hear when you talk. it's even hard for us to understand. It's a language of your own. It's saying "eat corn" rather than "I'm hungry". It's like a secret code. It's one of the those things I'm going to miss when you grow up.


Bugs February 07, 2008  

OK, I SO have to start coming here more often. I am going to go to that site for journalling, too. LOVE LOVE looking at your layouts.
hugs, cindy

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