hmm.. I can't let her out blog me

>> Dec 17, 2007

Ok my bestest bud has a blog going now on her pregnancy I think she's the bomb and will be a knockout mom! I am so excited for her..

My last entry was an eternity ago and I"m now hiding in a corner of my home .. laptop-less (it's ill and at Dr. Firedog) playing on my husband's desktop (I forgot how noisy desktop keyboards are).. both babies are sleeping Zach now 2 and starving for proper attention :( and Keagan.. two months this wednesday and well just starving.. (do babies ever stop eating??? LOL)

Christmas is around the corner and I'm super excited my dad is flying into town and I'll get to see him for the first time in over a year.. woowoo!!! Lots of other things going on but I'm trying to take it all event by event.. I want to enjoy each day of this season.. and then start the new year FRESH.. I want to ship off my maternity clothes to Neala and break out my old pre-Zach clothes.. maybe not wear them right away but get them ready ;)


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