Rough day

>> Sep 16, 2005

Yesterday was a rough day.. I'm beginning to wonder if he's eating too much. Yes I know sounds crazy but he eats so much and still seems so hungry all the time and I get afraid of letting him eat too much because then he'll burp and out comes the excess.. according to websites he's suppose to be eating 2-3 ounces.. he's eating at least 4 every 2-3 hours.. last night he ate 10 ounces in a three hour period.. and when he wakes up he is SO hungry you can hear his stomach growling. :( I tried to call the doctor's friday morning to ask his opinion.. and my phone died. By the time it started working again it was after hours. So now I wait til monday. He seems happy and content and I don't think there is a problem. I'm just wondering if i'ts normal.. peace of mind..

I'm so exhausted LOL. I now live for the weekends.. no longer the wild days of my youth but because then I don't feel bad making my husband get up with Zach for that 6am feeding so I can sleep in.. He falls back asleep better than I do..

He took the picture above.. can you believe this little guy came out of that stomach just 3.5 wks ago???


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