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>> Sep 5, 2005

Big day today.. last day of summer vacation.. Zach's cord fell off and he got his first 'real' bath and I... I just want to cry. He's getting so big and the summer is gone and I didn't nearly get to do as many things as I wanted with the kids :(

Fortunately, Zach has brought about so many positive changes in our family it's amazing the impact he has had. We do so much more hanging out than before.. even just watching TV together or being in the same room. We are also planning our first real family vacation for next summer. And I can't tell you how happy that makes me. My fondest childhood memories are vacations with my family. Camping.. though looking back I see how much work it was for my mother.. (not looking forward to that.. perhaps we will be a hotel vacationing family LOL)


Cindy September 09, 2005  

Zach looks like he is enjoying his first real bath ;)

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